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Overview of Luohu District
   2015/1/29 9:50:00     发布者:徐军

As a municipal district of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Luohu District adjoins Hong Kong, is located in the south center of Shenzhen City, belongs to the earliest district built in Shenzhen, and covers an area of about 78.36 km2 (including a 34.67 km2 of built-up area). Under the jurisdiction of Luohu District, there are 10 streets, 115 communities and a permanent resident population of 941,500, among which, 538,400 are registered residents. Luohu District is not only the earliest district developed in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, one of the central districts and main financial districts in Shenzhen City, but also the central business district. In 2013, it achieved total output value of 148.8 billion Yuan; the public finance & budgetary revenue broke through 6 billion Yuan for the first time, and increased by 7.3%. It successively won such honorary titles as “Nationwide Advanced District in Legal Construction”, “Nationwide Demonstration District in Harmonious Community Construction”, “Nationwide Advanced District in Culture”, “Nationwide Experimental District for Community Governance and Service Innovation” and “National Ecological Demonstration Area”.


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Beautiful LuohuProfile of Luohu
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