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Condition of Education in Luohu
   2015/1/29 9:54:00     发布者:徐军

As the old quarter of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Luohu District is the commerce & trade, finance and information center of Shenzhen. In recent years, Luohu has seen great progress and continuously balanced development in education under the high attention and correct leadership of all levels of municipal and district Party and government leaders, upon the joint effort of educators in the whole district and under the great support of various circles. Its teaching quality has improved substantially, comprehensive educational strength has been strengthening, and it has been ranked among the best in the city in general level of education, not only satisfying the needs of modernization construction and socioeconomic development in Luohu, but basically meeting the ever-increasing education demand of the masses, and thus laying a solid foundation for the realization of education modernization in the District.

As of Sept., 2014, there are totally 218 schools and kindergartens all over the district. In the educational system of Luohu District, there are 72 schools of various levels and types (excluding 3 schools directly subordinate to the city), 108,554 students, 99,230 students at the stage of compulsory education, 71 public (49) and private (22) compulsory education schools (including junior high section of six-year secondary school) and 1 non-compulsory education school. Among the compulsory education schools, there are 45 primary schools with 60,654 students (54,523 in 37 public schools and 6,131 in 8 private schools), 8 junior high schools with 12,604 students (all public ones), 12 schools of nine-year system with 17,055 students (1,156 in 1 public school and 15,899 in 11 private schools), 6 six-year high schools with 17,574 students (14,646 in 3 public schools and 2,928 in 3 private schools), among which, 8,917 are students at the stage of compulsory education (8,438 in 3 public schools and 479 in 3 private schools), 37,391 migrant children and 146 kindergartens with 33984 kids (13,519 with local household registration and 20,465 without).

In current educational system of the district, there are nearly 5,000 in-service permanent faculties and staff, and among whom, there are totally 462 academic leaders, core teachers, famous headmasters, well-known head teachers, question-masters from famous teacher studios, etc. Meanwhile, there is 1 headmaster famous in Shenzhen, 1 head teacher well-known in the province, 3 head teachers well-known in the city and 25 head teachers well-known in Luohu District, 338 excellent teachers, outstanding head teachers, top ten young teachers and models of teachers’ ethics, etc. in Shenzhen, 2 offices for headmasters of Guangdong Province, 7 offices for teachers of Guangdong Province, 1 office for famous headmasters of Shenzhen City, 4 offices for well-known teachers of Shenzhen City, 1 office for Young Pioneer counselor of Shenzhen City and 16 offices for well-known teachers of Luohu District.

Upon the entrance into the 21st century, Luohu had made gratifying achievements by constantly striving to boost education modernization through equalization, standardization and informatization: in 2002, it ranked into the first batch of strong districts in Guangdong Province; from 2005 to 2009, it won the title of “excellence” twice upon the actual educational achievement assessment by district and county leaders in Guangdong Province; in 2010, it turned to be “a characteristic demonstration district of education development in the all country” by creating distinctive characteristics of “health promoting school”, and passed with high score the supervision and acceptance of advanced district in boosting education modernization in Guangdong Province. In 2011, it won the title of “Advanced District in Boosting Education Modernization in Guangdong Province”. Today, with Shenzhen City having been the first city strong in education in Guangdong Province and striving to build a modern international city, Luohu is advancing towards the goal of education modernization. Seeing into the future, educators in Luohu are full of pride and enthusiasm, and we have the belief that Luohu is sure to have a better tomorrow in education.


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Education in LuohuProfile of Edu
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