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Cuiyuan Middle School Celebrates the 50th Anniversary
   2015/1/29 14:49:00     发布者:徐军

Time passes by, after 50 years of trials and hardships, efforts to make the school prosperous, brilliance and resplendence, Cuiyuan Middle School ushered in the 50th anniversary on Dec. 11, 2014. Guests and schoolmates of all previous sessions gathered in Cuiyuan to celebrate the birthday of this famous school full of vigor.

On that morning, Cuiyuan Middle School warmly welcomed the distinguished guests with open arms, and the quiet school was immediately full of laughter. Long separated, schoolfellows felt very excited when they set foot on the land of Cuiyuan again. Some were reminiscing about the glory days in small groups; some hurried up to take a group photo to mark the occasion in school; and some held cordial exchanges with their former teachers and expressed their heartfelt gratitude…

At 9:30 a.m., Cuiyuan Middle School observed the grand ceremony of its 50th anniversary on the football field. Guo Yurong, director of Shenzhen Education Bureau, Ni Zewang, secretary of Luohu District Committee, district chief He Haitao and other leaders, former headmaster Li Bingxin, Xuan Shaoyong, Zeng Zhongpei, Xue Jinlong, Zhong Jinggao (current headmaster of Shenzhen Experimental Education Group), Liu Rongqing (current deputy director of Luohu District Education Bureau), some headmasters of brother schools in the city or district and schoolmates of all previous sessions were invited to attend the event. The faculty and students were present at the ceremony which was presided over by vice headmaster Zhang Xiyun of Cuiyuan Middle School.

Guo Yurong, director of Shenzhen Education Bureau, delivered warm speech and pointed out that Cuiyuan Middle School was not only famous in Luohu but in Shenzhen. After 50 years of inheritance and development, Cuiyuan Middle School has become more beautiful, stronger and newer, and has turned to be a beautiful card of education in Shenzhen. Wish Cuiyuan Middle School could take this school anniversary as a new starting point to build up a scientific viewpoint of educational development, further deepen educational reform, fully implement well-rounded education, continually improve education quality and school effectiveness, build the school into a national first famous school and make greater contribution to the economic and social development of Shenzhen.

Guo Zhiwen, deputy head of Luohu District, pointed out in his speech that as the vanguard of Luohu education, Cuiyuan Middle School stands for the strength and level of Luohu education. Over the past 50 years, Cuiyuan Middle School has done a lot of exploration on boosting education and teaching reform, implementing well-rounded education, improving education and teaching quality, innovating the mode of school development, etc., has obtained many successful experiences and found widely praised “Cuiyuan Phenomenon”. Wish Cuiyuan Middle School could take the 50th school anniversary as an opportunity to gather strength, sum up experience, exploit the advantages to the full, further strengthen connotative development, improve school quality, enhance the core competitiveness, build the school into an experimental base which deepens well-rounded education and innovates personnel training mode, lay a firm foundation for students' lifelong happiness actually and make greater contribution to the high level development of Luohu education.

Headmaster Han Dongqing of Cuiyuan Middle School expressed heartfelt thanks in his speech to all levels of leader, people from all walks of life, brother schools, schoolmates of all previous sessions and retired teachers who concern and support the construction and development of our school for a long time, and pointed out that in the journey of 50 years, Cuiyuan always grew with a grateful heart, “we’re now giving great impetus to the construction of modern school system to create a new highlight for the development of Cuiyuan and strive to incubate a relaxing education environment, under which, everybody works, grows and succeeds, so as to set up the stage for the brilliant life of teachers and students.”

At the ceremony, teachers and students of Cuiyuan showed their best wishes to their alma mater, deduced different splendor and fully displayed the achievements made by us in improving students’ comprehensive qualities through wonderful performances. The string band which once won gold award in the instrumental music competition of college, primary and secondary students in Guangdong Province, played the classic Passacaglia created by Handel, a famous musical composer from the baroque period. Cuiyuan philharmonic chorus affectionately sang two popular songs, namely, Crescent Moon and Grace His Holy Name, and this chorus once won gold award at the 1st Chorus Festival for primary and secondary schools in Guangdong Province and gold award for senior high section at the Chorus Festival for primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen City, and was invited to Austrian Vienna Golden Concert Hall for the 4th “Crowning Glory” international adolescent music festival and to Berlin Grand Theater for symphony chorus festival on the “40th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Germany diplomatic relations”; the dance troupe, which won gold awards in downtown art shows for more than once, performed a dance named Blue Sky Dream; The newly founded Chinese Culture Club had a talent show of traditional culture Robe with You; Cuiyuan faculty team staged a song with dance After Growing up, I Have Become You. The programs of entertainment are brilliant and win cheers from audiences on the spot.

For celebrating the 50th anniversary, Cuiyuan also organized the finial of top ten singers with sound voice from Cuiyuan and Carnival garden pageant, pushed the celebration to a new high. (School Office)


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