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·Deputy District Head Guo Zhiwen came to Cuizhu Foreign Language Experimental School for research徐军2015-1-29
·8 middle school headmasters of Guangdong Province came to Sungang Middle School for on-the-job learning徐军2015-1-29
·Li Haitao, a member of the Standing Committee and secretary of District Discipline Inspection Commission, came to the District Education Bureau for investigating the work of independent risk prevention and control徐军2015-1-29
·Luohu District Education Bureau held primary and secondary students’ Parents Committee training meeting徐军2015-1-29
·Wang Qi, director of the Bureau, came to Cuibei Experimental Primary School for survey徐军2015-1-29
·Luowai Junior High School group won the first prize in the competition of fast reading skills in Chinese徐军2015-1-29
·Leaders from the District Youth League Committee and Moral Education Dept. of District Education Bureau arrive at Dongxiao Primary School for guiding the founding of drum team徐军2015-1-29
·2014 Luohu kite flying competition successfully held among primary and secondary school students徐军2015-1-29

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